Cabin Rules and Instructions

Click here to print complete set of Rules, Instructions, Release Forms, Maps, and Hunting Seasons

The Clark/Jorgensen Cabin (also known as the “Governor’s Cabin” or the “Jorgensen’s Hunting Lodge”) is owned by the VALLEY HOUSING FUND (VHF), a Colorado nonprofit, tax exempt corporation whose address is P.O. Box 1742, Gunnison, Colorado 81230.

Information about the cabin, and the 15 acres upon which it is situated, may be obtained from the VHF website or from Cabin managers Ben Chicoine and Erin Jacobs (

The physical address of the cabin is 8830 CR 743, Gunnison, Colorado 81230. It was built between 1932 and 1933 by Ben and Alberta Jorgensen of Gunnison. Much of the private land adjacent to the cabin parcel is currently owned by the Trust for Public Land (TPL), and is in the process of being transferred to the U.S. Forest Service. At the present time, the GVHF and the TPL manage the TPL land and the cabin jointly. The TPL lands and the cabin are open to use by the public with permission from VHF. Due to Gunnison County and Bureau of Land Management road closures and road conditions, motorized access to the cabin and the TPL land is generally not possible between early March and late May. During the summer the cabin has historically been used for public and private retreats. In the fall, hunters use the cabin and the TPL land for deer and elk hunting. In the winter, the cabin is accessible by skiing in or by snowmobile.

In order to preserve the cabin and to facilitate public use, the following guidelines have been established:

  1. Check the VHF website for information and contact Cabin managers Ben Chicoine and Erin Jacobs ( to make reservations.
  2. Sign and return a General Use Authorization, Release in Full and Indemnifications form.
  3. Obtain maps and aerial photographs of the cabin parcel and the TPL land.
  4. The number of people and motor vehicles which can be on the PROPERTY at any one time is limited. Approximately 6 motor vehicles can park at the cabin. Any additional vehicles must park in the meadow which is several hundred yards to the west of the cabin.
  5. Some uses of the cabin and the cabin parcel are restricted. These restrictions are spelled out in the terms and covenants of the Agreement to Create Restrictive Covenants dated August 6, 2013 which is between the GVHF and the Board of County Commissioners.
  6. Some of these restrictions are as follows:
    1. No industrial or commercial uses or full time residential uses shall be allowed on the Cabin Parcel.
    2. There shall be no timber harvesting on the Cabin Parcel, other than for cutting firewood for the cabin.
    3. The use of alfalfa or any other type of hay which is not certified as weed free is prohibited.
    4. There shall be no off-road use of motorized vehicles, other than for snowmobile use for Nordic activities.
    5. There shall be no use of the Cabin Parcel during Gunnison Sage Grouse and other formal closures affecting the lands adjacent to the Cabin Parcel or the Lost Canyon Road, which are imposed by the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, or Gunnison County.
    6. The dumping or accumulation of any kind of trash, sludge, refuse or hazardous waste is prohibited.
    7. No loud, dangerous, destructive or otherwise inappropriate uses or activities shall be allowed, including but not limited to, shooting ranges, paint ball ranges, feed lots, the use of fireworks, helicopter pads, vegetation removal except for road and trail maintenance and weed control, and littering.
    8. Smoking in the Cabin is not allowed.
  7. Approved uses may include use as a Nordic skiing hut, an educational or recreational retreat for entities such as Western State Colorado University, the RE1J School District, use for wilderness training purposes, use by big game hunters and others, use by organizations for fundraising and similar events, and use for weddings, receptions and other such events with a limited number of invitees.
    1. The Cabin can accommodate up to 15 people for sleeping.
  8. Winter use of the Cabin Parcel from two days after the end of the last regular elk hunting season for the Cabin Parcel until March 14 shall be allowed only if restricted as follows: Only GVHF guests can use the Cabin Parcel during this time period. Only one Nordic ski trip to the Cabin Parcel shall be allowed each week, with no more than eight participants on each trip. The participants shall be allowed to stay no longer then three nights at the Cabin Parcel. There may be exceptions to this limitation only for emergency purposes. Only one route shall be used to access the Cabin Parcel, and that route shall be the Lost Canyon Road, County Road 743, to the turn off for the Cabin Parcel. Those using the Cabin Parcel for overnight stays shall ski only in locations above 9,500 feet, except when they are on the Cabin Parcel or skiing into or out of the Cabin Parcel. There shall be no dogs, cats or other domesticated animals, other than service dogs, allowed. Only the Cabin may be used for cooking and/or sleeping purposes during this time period.
  9. The cabin has the following items and supplies: outhouse, woodburning stove and fireplace, firewood, wood splitting maul and axe, 55-gallon drum for ash disposal, liquid candles for lighting, small propane cooking stove, 2 cots, 4 bedframes (no mattresses), some kitchen utensils, wash basin, first aid kit, smoke detector. This list is not all inclusive.
  10. Items and supplies you should bring yourself include: sleeping bag and pad, your own lighting, food, water, camping supplies and personal items.