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The Gunnison Valley Housing Foundation cooperatively creates and supports affordable, energy-efficient housing using renewable and locally available resources as much as possible.

The Gunnison Valley Housing Foundation (GVHF) is a nonprofit corporation was founded in 2011 to support research, education and dissemination of information about the needs for affordable housing in the Gunnison Valley and the importance of affordable housing to maintaining livable, healthy communities in this region. In addition, the Foundation works to promote an understanding of the key role of energy costs of all types in the question of affordability, and the importance of reducing transportation, heating and other energy uses associated with the way we live, and the use of renewable and locally available energy sources to meet our needs.

We will also support, both directly and indirectly, the development of affordable, energy-efficient housing to meet identified needs of the Gunnison Valley community. We will strive to promote cooperation among the private sector, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and government at all levels to optimize the delivery of affordable housing to this community.

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