Gunnison Housing Needs Assessment

Main Street in Gunnison, CO.In 2016 the Gunnison County Housing Authority (now the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority) contracted with Rees Consulting, Inc., WSW Consulting and Williford LLC to conduct a countywide housing needs assessment.

The Gunnison County Housing Needs Assessment quantifies current and future housing needs in the Gunnison Valley and the three market areas: North Valley, Mid-Valley and South Valley. It answers questions such as how much, what type and at which price points housing is needed to support local residents. The study quantifies where gaps exist, providing the number and type of homes needed to attract and retain workers across all income levels of the local economy. The study quantifies housing problems and proposes potential strategies to address them.

The availability of housing for the workforce and residents of the Gunnison Valley is linked with many community goals and values identified in the recent One Valley Prosperity Project (OVPP); a project that was developed over the past two years with participation from community leaders, concerned citizens and numerous stakeholders in the Gunnison Valley. The OVPP identified 10 strategies to address housing needs in the Valley, including:

  1. Build Capacity
  2. Create Dedicated Funding
  3. Build New Housing Units
  4. Land Bank
  5. Enable Private Sector Development
  6. Maintain Permanent Supply of Affordable Housing
  7. Complete Crested Butte Affordable Housing Project
  8. Complete Housing Needs Assessment
  9. Update Deed Restrictions
  10. Prepare for Future Housing Project

This Housing Needs Assessment completes one of the identified strategies. In addition to
providing the Gunnison Valley with the information, recommendations and strategies needed to pursue goals identified in the OVPP, this Housing Needs Assessment can also be used to:

  • create a data driven regional strategic plan for housing, including production targets for
  • homes affordable to owners and buyers at a range of income levels;
    modify existing strategies and create new ways to produce housing that working
    families can attain;
  • bring data to conversations that were previously anecdotal, educating elected officials,
  • employers, builders and the public about housing needs and potential solutions;
  • plan and design homes that are responsive to the needs and preferences of the
    workforce and other residents in the Gunnison Valley; and/or,
  • obtain financing from private, state and federal sources for local and regional housing efforts.

This Housing Needs Assessment is a Valley-wide collaboration of the following sponsors in alphabetical order:

  • City of Gunnison
  • Gunnison County
  • Gunnison Valley Housing Foundations
  • Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority
  • Town of Crested Butte
  • Town of Mount Crested Butte

By providing housing that is affordable and located close to jobs, as recommended in this
Assessment, the Gunnison Valley can support the preservation of community character,
economic prosperity, diversity in the workforce, and the health of employees and the
environment. While the focus of the study is on workforce housing, estimates also include, retirees, seniors and persons with disabilities unless otherwise noted.

Click here to read the full 2016 study report. 

2009 Housing Needs Assessment