Anthracite Place | 513 Belleview Avenue, Crested Butte


Anthracite Place Apartments is a tax credit workforce apartment in downtown Crested Butte. The property is income-restricted to the 60% AMI and below. There are 24 one bedroom units and 6 two bedroom models. The Valley Housing Fund was a major contributor working with the Gunnison Valley Housing Authority we provided a six figure grant and loan to make the project happen. Anthracite features luxury plank floors, in-unit washer/dryers, dishwasher, glass-top stoves, in-floor heating, on-site parking with a central location in downtown Crested Butte.  Walk to the movie theater, grocery store, restaurants and shopping district.

Rock Creek II | Lot 22 N. Colorado Street, Gunnison

The Valley Housing Fund was involved with this project from the onset. Providing support to Gunnison County for initial conceptual designs and facilitating community feedback. The VHF assisted the County during the RFP process and helped vet potential projects and developers. The final project should result in approximately 76 new affordable units for the City of Gunnison. A handful of the new residences will be for sale single family homes or potentially duplexes. The majority of the site will contain a mix of for rent product as apartments and town homes. Most if not all of the new units will be deed restricted to maintain long term affordability for the 80% – 120% AMI ranges. The developer is finalizing the plans for this project and should begin construction in the spring of 2020.

Lazy K | 1300 Block of Tomichi Avenue, Gunnison

Lazy kThe Valley Housing Fund participated as a member of the RFP committee for this 55 unit residential project. The VHF helped the City of Gunnison interview potential developers and with consultants assisted in placing guard rails on the project. The current plan will create a 4+ acre park and over the course over several years create 55 for sale homes ranging from remodeled cabins to town homes to duplexes. Most of the project will be deed restricted to maintain long term affordability. The details of the contract between the City of Gunnison and the developer are still being worked out but we hope they start work in spring of 2020 and look forward to being able to partner on this project in the future.

Habitat for Humanity Design Contest Design Challenge winners CB community school kids

The Valley Housing Fund sponsored the prize money for a Habitat for Humanity contest that had students show off their design skills to create energy efficient affordable housing. The winning design has gone from conceptual to reality as the home is currently being built to provide another affordable unit for the Gunnison Valley community.

Design Challenge display at GAC 2016

Habitat for Humanity Straw-Bail Build | Parcel 3 Willis Way, Gunnison

Staw BaleThe Valley Housing Fund is delighted to have been able to support the creation of a 1000sf home for a young Gunnison couple that never thought they would be able to participate in home ownership. In addition to this project creating an affordable home to a family willing to put in the tremendous amount of sweat equity this house also uses the latest in energy efficient building materials and design. This “green” build uses no chemically treated lumber or artificial insulation materials and will have a very high R-value for the building envelope. Creating energy efficient, low carbon footprint, affordable units is a center piece of the Habitat for Humanity mission and we are proud to have been able to be part of this project.

Paradise Park Duplexes | Lot 76 & 79, Crested Butte

Paradise PArkThe Valley Housing Fund participated in both the Town of Crested Butte’s latest affordable housing builds. Lot 79 which created four deed restricted duplexes built by High Mountain Concepts and Lot 76 currently under construction and will provide 27 units built by ByWater Development. The VHF provided support to the Town of Crested Butte in the early stages of each project by participating in the selection process and granting the funds needed to hire a third party consultant to ensure contract over sight and prevent cost over runs. The creation of over 30 affordable, for sale, deed restricted units is a big step in the right direction to help our community during this housing crisis. Both the Town and School District own units in these projects to help their young professions live closer to the communities they serve.

GardenWalk of Gunnison | N, Colorado Street, Gunnison

Garden WalkBelmont Management was awarded a 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credit project in 2018. The two-acre site is located within a few blocks of shopping, free transit, the Gunnison Hospital, and Western Colorado University. When complete, Garden Walk will include 36 apartments for rent to households below 60% area median income. The project will break ground in the summer of 2019 and the Valley Housing Fund is proud to have committed to provide a low interest loan to the developer to ensure the project is completed.

GV-HEAT Program Support

The Valley Housing Fund has been a supporter of the Gunnison Valley – Home Energy Advancement Team (GV-HEAT) since its creation. GV-HEAT seeks to make households in the Gunnison Valley more energy efficient, affordable, and safe. Through GV-HEAT, the Housing Authority connects residents to a suite of programs aimed at making your home more efficient, comfortable, and safe. In the process the program supports affordability and access to housing in the Gunnison Valley while ensuring that vulnerable residents have a healthy and safe place to reside. GV-HEAT administers both income-qualified and non-income qualified programs for the Gunnison Valley. Income-Qualified Programs: Colorado’s Affordable Residential Energy Program (CARE), the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), and the USDA 504 Loan and Grant Program. Non-Income Qualified Programs: GV-HEAT is an Energy Smart Colorado (ESC) partner providing subsidized energy assessments, energy advising, assistance with rebates, and contractor recommendations.


INFO on Long Lake Exchange:

The Long Lake Land Exchange represents a unique partnership in our Valley to make significant funds available for affordable housing. In 2010, longtime Gunnison residents, Judy and Butch Clark, sold 613 acres of land in the Fossil Ridge area to the Trust for Public Land (TPL) with a stipulation that if re-sold, the proceeds would go directly to the Valley Housing Fund (VHF). At that time, the VHF had not yet acquired its tax-exempt status, so the Clarks asked TPL to hold the parcel.

The Crested Butte Land Trust negotiated a land exchange with the Gunnison National Forest. The Fossil Ridge parcel and an additional 15 acres at Copley Lake near Irwin will be added to the Gunnison National Forest in exchange for ownership of approximately 120 acres on the eastern shore of Long Lake, just outside of Crested Butte. Upon closing in spring of 2020, this exchange contributed over $2.5 million to the VHF to further our mission for affordable housing. This innovative project structure is a win for everyone in the Gunnison Valley! Learn more about it by viewing the CB Land Trust’s informational video below, or by reading the article from CB News here.