Bob Drexel

Bob Drexel HSBob has been with the Fund since May 2016 representing the City of Gunnison. His passion for the Fund’s mission is based on what he sees as a need for affordable housing in the community; Bob says he hears stories of housing issues on a daily basis. He feels something needs to be done about the housing issue if we are to move forward economically as a Valley.

In addition to his service on the VHF Board, he is currently a Region 10 Executive Board member, is on the Fireman’s Pension Board, Memorial Scholarship Selection Committee and is a member of the Trinity Baptist Church. He has previously served as Mayor of Gunnison, Chairman of the UGRWCD.

Bob has lived in the Gunnison Valley for 51 years and has seen many changes in our Valley during that time. He will tell you that when he arrived, ranching was still the major industry. Gunnison had only one signal light at Tomichi and Main Street and those were the only paved streets in Gunnison. What a transition to today. He will tell you that it appears to him that we have been able to maintain the focus on the importance of place and with the OVPP, we will also be able to see healthy growth both economically and in population. Gunnison can continue to focus on the values we have enjoyed as a valley. That is why we all love to call the Gunnison Valley our home.

Bob enjoys skiing, hiking, exercising and four wheeling.