David Owen – Treasurer

David Woen HS

David has been with the Fund since November 2011 and serves at as at-large member. He believes there is only so much room in the Valley for housing; that the free market would make all of it expensive, but without a diversity of housing, the tapestry of our community will unravel, become monochromatic and dull. He believes that saving our community and preserving our diversity is necessary to keep us from being and feeling just like every other high end mountain community.


In addition to his service on the VHF Board, he has served on the Crested Butte Town Council and Gunnison County Planning Commission.

David has lived in the Valley for 25 years and splits his time between Crested Butte and Texas. He enjoys hiking, camping and cross country skiing. He loves snowshoeing or hiking out to his cabin and says the peaceful solitude is awesome. He tries to spend as much time as he can out there; a sharp contrast to his time in urban Texas.