Jim Starr

Jim Starr

Jim Starr has lived in Colorado since he was five years old and in Crested Butte since 1978. There he served on the Crested Butte Board of Zoning and Architectural Review and the Town Council, and as Town Attorney for six years. In 1999 he was elected for the first of three terms as a Gunnison County Commissioner. Jim also co-founded the Crested Butte Nordic Council and CB Land Trust and has served on the Gunnison Valley Transportation Authority and numerous other boards and committees. Nationally, he helped organize the Green Century Funds, now the nation’s first family of fossil fuel free investment funds, and is currently the President of the Board of Trustees.

As a Crested Butte council member and then Town Attorney, Jim helped create and implement the Town’s affordable housing program, which is still an important part of maintaining that diverse community. He continued these efforts at the county level as a Commissioner by helping to create the Gunnison County Housing Authority, and establish the current county housing program.

Jim’s work on the Crested Butte Land Trust and as an elected official helped him realize that creating realistic housing opportunities for residents of all income levels is critical to sustaining a vibrant Gunnison County community. He believes that as land and housing in our county become more expensive, it is necessary to have a private sector advocate and funding partner for workforce housing to compliment the historic public sector organizations. He joined the private sector and the Gunnison Valley Housing Foundation, now the Valley Housing Fund, in 2011 and has served as President since later that year.


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