Melissa LaMonica

Melissa LaMonica2021

Melissa LaMonica is a bridge builder, a servant leader for organizations and the people they serve. She joined the VHF board in April 2021 with the goal of holding compassion for the housing issue and to connect the needs with the resources. Since joining, she has found that her interest has grown to support housing access education, help build out programs and get information out there to people experiencing housing challenges. Melissa’s goals are to gather input from the community to help inform the funds’ decisions, and engage the VHF as a listening body in the next few years. Melissa is an at-large member of the board and currently serves as the Treasurer.

In her independent career, Melissa does her best work when she can create spaces for people and leadership to convene. As a local business owner, Melissa supports her daughter and husband as they own and operate Alpine Landscapes. She loves being a part of the family business and its network within the valley. 

Melissa currently lives in Gunnison. She is committed to the Gunnison Valley because it’s the place she has always wanted to live and work. She is enjoying growing her business and supporting her employees lives throughout the valley. Melissa realizes the essential need for housing as its foundation for being able to work, live and participate in this wonderful community.