Kelly McKinnis

Kelly McKinnis HSKelly was a founding member of the VHF and has served since its inception in the fall of 2010; taking a short leave of absence in 2017 and 2018 and rejoining the Board in February 2019. She began her service on the Board as the representative for the Gunnison County Housing Authority Board but currently serves as an at-large member. Kelly works in the housing industry and sees first-hand how hard it is for people to afford to live here.

In addition to serving on the VHF Board, she was on the Gunnison County Housing Authority Board for 16 years and is a member Board of Realtors. She was named Realtor of the Year in 2009.

Kelly has lived in the Valley for 28 years and remembers when she first decided that she was going to move back to Gunnison in 1991; she came with my father to look at rentals. She says she remembers looking at five or six places and cried because she didn’t feel that she could live in any of them which was saying something as she was moving here from old Army barrack housing in Germany; her standards weren’t that high. She was lucky enough to have some help and purchased a bank owned property. Kelly says she thinks about it from time to time because now she manages some of those rentals she had looked at in 1991.

She enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, four-wheeling and exploring.